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Re: [Administrative] Let's Discuss Forum Rules

Postby Midas » Thu May 14, 2009 1:36 pm

Right, then.

CintaNotes Developer wrote:[...]

No, I think everyone should be encouraged to share tips and tricks in an open way. E.g.: remember that post of mrthermister on how he used CN as a GTD capture system? I'd like to have more of such posts. Should any offtopic discussion start, it could be split into a separate thread by mods.

I totally agree with free sharing of whatever, I was just caring about the sanitizing of the FAQ thread, that would then be used like a sieve for other threads (for example, discussions should take place on separate threads) and not like just any other thread. I wasn't aware of the mod prerrogative pointed; besides, I support minimal third party intervention on other people's expression. But I will abide the collective dictum.
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