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Tools for the project

Postby burrum » Fri Feb 01, 2013 8:10 pm

This is a small research to describe ideal tools for open projects like CN, and potentially find these tools. Based on my experience with JIRA, Confluence, YouTrack, Redmine and UserVoice.

Issue tracker

* IDs for issues (to label commits)
* Ability to assign issue to someone
* Up and Down votes to see what's popular
* Watch issue via email to keep all participants in the loop
* Issue types (bug, enhancement, feature, task, question)
* Custom workflow for different issue types
* Saved search filters
* Issues have "affected versions" and "fixed versions" fields
* Issue permissions (read/write). Some issues can be internal and not visible to the public
* Issue links (duplicates, blocks, relates to)

Roadmap (release planning)

Purpose: assign issues to future releases or milestones. Seen in Trac, Redmine, JIRA.


Purpose: write specs. When spec for feature is done, feature is ready for implementation phase.
UserEcho does not allow to edit message after 15 minutes. Forum is better, but it does not track revisions. Ideal option is editable wiki page with attached discussion. This post is sort of a spec.


Purpose: discuss everything that is not issue to track or spec to write.


Purpose: post news/updates

Any tool/service:
* Use Google or Facebook authorization
* Nice-looking UI for general public
* Be able to back up data a separate storage medium

Spun-off from discussion on the roadmap: link.

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