Call for votes on roadmap item : "Add related notes view"

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Call for votes on roadmap item : "Add related notes view"

Postby jaroet » Mon Jan 19, 2015 9:03 pm


This is a shameless post for more votes to a certain roadmap idea.

It is about the roadmap idea "Add related notes view" added by Thomas.

Last week I have had a 'discussion' with Alex (See the comments in this idea) about how to implement this. The original idea's description is rather short and I have eleborated more in the comments.

In short : This idea will make the relationships between notes visible in a seperate view. Not using tags but between notes directly. The idea would help to make Cintanotes a tool for data discovery in your knowledgebase. When you add a lot of notes over a longer periode of time you forget about parts of your knowledgebase you do not use very often. By adding direct relationships links that are always visible when you look at the note you are reminded about the information in your database and will 'rediscover' knowledge you added long time ago. You will have a better understanding how the notes in your database are related. And this will help you remember stuff with your natural brain :-).

For examples please read the comments for the roadmap idea.

Mayby I have a 'unique view' :-) on how knowledgebases should present information and should show relationships between items in the knowledgebase. But if you see the added value to such a feature for Cintanotes I would appreciate your vote for this roadmap idea.

As you have more questions about this idea I would also like to hear from you.

Kind regards,

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