[Ann] Happy New 2018 (And I'm Back)

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[Ann] Happy New 2018 (And I'm Back)

Postby CintaNotes Developer » Wed Jan 24, 2018 6:00 am

Hi everyone,

First of all, my belated congratulations with the new year 2018 that has come!
I want to apologize for the long break in my presence here on the forum. I had to
make a pause in my activity for a while.

The good news is the now I'm back and in the next few days will reply to all the messages
that have collected here during the holidays. And please rest assured that the development
of CintaNotes continues. I'm working on it alone now, but making good progress towards the
version 4 with the new UI. It's still a very long haul, but the core part of the application is
already migrated onto new framework. Now I need to start building up the GUI, which is
a challenge, but totally doable. The question is only in how long it takes :)

Thanks a lot for your help and support along this journey! And wish you a great new year!

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