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Attaching files

Posted: Sun Jul 21, 2019 3:04 pm
by Bill
Just as a matter of curiosity:

I'm aware of the approximate limitations on the number of notes in a single notebook, but I'm less clear about how many files can be attached before there is a degradation in the performance of CintaNotes.

To be more specific, I would like — if possible — to attach a substantial number of jpg and pdf files to a notebook. I realize that I could easily create links to those files, and that system works fine on my computer, but it also means that I can't see the linked files when I download a CN html file to my iPhone (as I routinely do). I know that I could link a note to a jpg or pdf file in my Dropbox account; still, it would be more convenient to simply attach a file in CN — unless that would make my CN notebook too huge. Will it?

Re: Attaching files

Posted: Mon Jul 22, 2019 9:17 am
by CintaNotes Developer
This is an interesting question.
There have not been any exact measurements done. Since the files are stored in compressed form in the database on disk, and are not
loaded to memory unless requested, I'd say that the slowdown should be very gradual, mostly caused by the growth of the database file itself, and up to 1000 files will be handled easily. But since this kind of usage was not tested extensively, you might be well-advised to do some tests of your own in advance.

Re: Attaching files

Posted: Mon Jul 22, 2019 11:08 am
by Bill
Thanks. That's helpful. I will do some tests in the near future.