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How to display a hierarchical Table of Contents

Posted: Wed Nov 17, 2021 10:54 am
by OldGrantonian
There's a hack for the Table of Contents in the manual. As a result:

- The TOC will always visible after scrolling
- Clicking an entry in the TOC opens sub-entries - similar to file exploreer. Those sub-entries are normally never visible.

Here's the hack:

- Open the Help. The file opens at the start of the file, with the TOC visible. (This is Tab1)

- Right-click on an entry in the TOC. Select "Open in new tab" in the pop-up menu. (This loads Tab2). Your target section will be visible, but as usual, there will be no TOC on the right of the tab. (However, if you concentrate on the right side of Tab2 while it's loading, you will see the TOC flashing momentarily. That's the TOC that we hope to freeze in Tab3. I use red for visited links in any browser, so it's much easier for me to see the momentary flicker.)

- Duplicate the page by right-clicking on Tab2, and selecting "Duplicate tab". (This loads Tab3).

When the hack works, Tab3 will be on your selected page, but a hierarchical TOC will now be on the right. It's the frozen version of the flicker on Tab2, but it's active. You can click on any parent or child.

When the hack doesn't work, I at least have the non-hierarchical TOC on Tab1. So I never use Tab1 except to show the TOC.


Re: How to display a hierarchical Table of Contents

Posted: Thu Nov 18, 2021 5:09 pm
by CintaNotes Developer
Thanks for the tip!

A bit odd, but for me the TOC stays visible at all times. What browser do you use?