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[UI] Cintanotes with auto-map template "Go"

Posted: Tue Nov 27, 2012 11:44 pm
by paginaflight
CintaNotes can be much easier and much faster to use.

It's not like it's not simple.

I would like CintaNotes to start and be loaded upon startup, where it would appear automatically in a "map" form if I make an extended press of the Left Mouse Button or Middle Mouse Button/Wheel Button.

Regarding the "map" or "representational" form, a "New" note would begin by selecting "New" or blank space, and an existing note would proceed by selecting from the past 5 or 10 subjects. The "find" button should also be present to turn up 5 or 10 subjects.

What I really would like to see would be the feeling of being part of the system so that I can control the program's behavior.

* Triggering the program template with an extended press of the mouse button would work best if defined by the user, what mouse button to use. Some computer mice have more than 3 buttons, such as the Microsoft Wireless IntelliMouse Explorer 2.0, with 2 extra buttons on the side that can perform pre-programmed functions.

* The template that pops up should be partly representational and follow the mouse where a clear portion of the screen exists.

* The CintaNotes window that pops up should be that of a single pane to let all the typing be done in a pane of pre-definable size. This means the most minimal need to move the window any time a new note is taken, as it would also open up where the template was selected to open.

* Closing the template or the pane should be as simple as using an extended press of the other mouse button.

At this point you get the idea that note-taking can be fast and prolific in a hurry without dancing around the laptop or its touchpad, or without repositioning and resizing a screen every time the window of reference needs to be copied from.

* Another important trick would be to see that the window stays of a visible transparency so that it won't ever get lost underneath the browser window or document window.

I suppose that after 1.3 seconds that a representational pane could pop up under the pointer in all-white or all-black to make the position precise.

The suggestion, then, would be the template that pops up where the pointer is placed that offers an abbreviated one-click option and search option that can be sized in Settings.

[Viewing] like the auto-map template "Go"

Posted: Wed Nov 28, 2012 1:55 am
by paginaflight
The new CintaNotes looks remarkably like the above, visually, except that I wish the panes were in higher resolution and that I could use tiny text and set the windows much smaller.