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[UI] Bookmark integration feature request

Posted: Thu Nov 21, 2013 8:25 am
by paginaflight
Ever wonder how writers can keep track of umpteen new products without writing it all down?

CintaNotes already makes it possible. But let's say you wanted to add a section called "Bookmarks" to keep a certain category of bookmarks in that you plan to delete or file away after use.

The idea is to provide CintaNotes extensions in Chrome, Firefox, and IE that will do the job of filing away the bookmark in a section of your working CintaNotes database with a single button press. The section will in this fashion be automatically coordinated with the settings of the browser extension and thereby append the new entry under the designated category.

The button is pressed, and the dialog appears. Then you tell it what section to put it in -- or what note in what section to put it in -- and it appends to the list either at the top or bottom, by a clickbox tik.

So -- why use CintaNotes and not the bookmarks feature of the browser? Mainly because it's a lot more specific to save the CintaNotes database than to keep track of browser bookmarks when you use multiple identities in order to keep the working slate of browser tabs more convenient to use.

So, I hope you all like the idea.

Re: [UI] Bookmark integration feature request

Posted: Thu Nov 03, 2016 12:52 pm
by SAM
My request is related but not quite the same as the parent feature request here.

My feature request is that users can insert a bookmark onto text in a CintaNotes note, leave it named that text or re-name it (shorter), and then insert a link to it elsewhere in my CintaNotes such as a the top of the note AND in remarks.

I often find in my research that I want to point to a particular part or several parts of a captured text in CintaNotes elsewhere inside that CintaNote - such as at the top of a note where I often want to summarize what is in the note and place a mini table of contents there so I can get to key parts in a long Note - and also place a link to those key part(s) in the *remarks* of the CintaNote to point to what is most important to me, when I return to use the note later.

And... just want to add that I love, love, love that I can copy and place links to my CintaNotes in other document-applications at the whole note level. I find they are invaluable to me in Scrivener, MS Word, Zotero and Evernote.

Tighter integration and synchronization with these apps would be great also - but I am grateful for what comes. And, I appreciate that CintaNotes gets ongoing development so great stuff is constantly coming. Kudos and thanks !!!

Re: [UI] Bookmark integration feature request

Posted: Tue Nov 08, 2016 11:15 am
by CintaNotes Developer
thanks a lot for your kind words and for an interesting idea!

I've added it to the roadmap - please vote here:

When it gets 10+ votes, we'll put into the task pool.