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CintaNotes design philosophy

Posted: Tue Jun 02, 2009 2:31 pm
by Midas
CintaNotes Developer wrote:Hi guys,

let me tell you about the philosophy;)

The main philosophy of CintaNotes is not "thou should use tape" or whatever ;) It is more like "features should be organic, effective, discoverable and convenient".

"Organic" means that the feature shouldn't stick out of the program like an alien body. A non-organic feature IMO is the one that while coming in handy sometimes, still isn't really connected with the product's main goal and functionality. (Example of non-organic features: HTML authoring in MS Word, wave editing in Nero Burning ROM)

"Effective" means - should be lightweight and not hurt performance and memory footprint, or be optional to use.

"Discoverable" means - a new user should be able to discover that this feature exists without reading help.

"Convenient" means that a feature is easy to use correctly and hard to misuse, and that a significant number of users will use this feature on a regular basis.


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