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[Viewing]_No child notes in parent tags

Posted: Mon Dec 16, 2013 9:35 am
by Kangaroo
I was pleasantly surprised that there is such a thing as a Tag hierarchy in CintaNotes. :-) It's a must for any decent note-taking application (which CintaNotes is).

But it came as an unpleasant surprise that in fact A = AB & AC & AD etc. It certainly is logical, but that is machine logic and not human comfort.

What I expected was that A = A, AB = AB and so on. If a person has Tags Cars (parent), and children Cars/BMW, Cars/Ford, Cars/Honda he uses Cars-parent for some general information about cars (for example, news, or advice or his ideas) and Cars/Ford or Cars/Honda to keep specific information about ONLY THESE cars.

But when he opens Cars he has a pile of everything to look through. It's like when you open Program files folder and see (in one list!) a thousand files from different applications (and they are program files indeed). I can get the same result if I use the Search "cars" option, why Tags then?.. You can say that we can use tags like Cars, Cars_Ford, Cars_Audi - yes, we can, and we do - but that takes much space in the Tags bar.

I suggest using A = A, AB = AB principle for Tags hierarchy.