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Change default back-up setting to "all notes"

Posted: Fri Apr 11, 2014 3:10 pm
by ErikJon
Maybe I am just accustomed to other programs, I don't know, but my assumption, every time I back up my CN notes, is that all the notes will be backed up immediately. This seems to me to be the intuitive approach. After all, when one backs up his computer, using a back-up program, the assumption is that he will back up the computer, and not that he will back up only the one little folder or icon on the desktop that he happened to click upon most recently.

To my sad surprised I discovered months ago that CN did not back up all notes by default, but only the selected one, and I lost some information.

My suggestion is not to change the feature, but only to change the default setting to "all notes," so that, if it never occurs to the user that only one note might be backed up, he will at least have a nice safe copy of his entire CN file.

Otherwise, if you insist on the default's being only the one selected note, at least give the user a warning message, such as "Warning: only the selected note will be backed up! If you want to back up the entire note collection, please select X..."