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[Search] Facilitate search by tags + other keywords

Posted: Sat Dec 23, 2017 11:02 am
by Clairvaux
One of CN's best features is the ability to search notes. However, I find that the current search functions are not exploited to the full.

One type of search I find particularly useful is using one or more tags, and narrowing the search by adding one or more keywords I expect to find in the text, title or other fields. This is not very easy to do because (unless I missed something) :

  • If you search by tags in the search field, then any other words you add will be tags, too.
  • If you select tags in the left pane, and add, in the search field, words to be found elsewhere, then it takes a long time, because you need to scroll down the left pane and wait till you find your tags (if you have many).
My suggestion would be to speed up access to any tag on the left panel, by one or several of those methods :

  • Allow typing a tag to jump to it.
  • Allow direct access to tags through an A-B-C-D index.
  • Allow faster scrolling through a full-fledged scroll bar.
Another welcome addition would be to display a few hints relative to tag selection in the left panel.

One very powerful feature is the ability to make an AND or OR selection of tags, through use of the Ctrl or Shift keys.

I realise there is a visual indicator (the tag is highlighted in white or yellow), but I never remember which is which (and I usually get it wrong).

It would be most useful to display an explicit status indicator stating exactly what type of search is selected. Also, it would be helpful to display a reminder of the available shortcuts and their effect, since this type of search cannot be done through mouse and menus. For instance, it is very easy to forget (or ignore) the ability to exclude a tag through Alt + left click.

Generally speaking, I'm sure there are plenty of other ways to ease search I haven't thought about. Also, beefing up the online help on that subject would be welcome.