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[Editing] Provide an option to split or not to split hyphens

Posted: Tue Feb 09, 2021 11:55 am
by OldGrantonian
I have CN Pro, in Win 10 Pro 2004.

As a low-priority request, I would like CN to respect the join of initial hyphens to their following characters.

For example: In French, we speak of verb endings as -er, -ir, and -re.

In English we speak of endings such as -ing, -ed, -ion, and so on.

In wide text - such as this post - the split might never occur. But my notes are minimum width, so splitting is more frequent.

IMHO: As a corollary, I don't think hyphens should ever be split. For example, in the expression "a long-term project". Currently, CN is splitting that after the hyphen, which is OK but really archaic. The original purpose was to preserve right-justification, which has almost disappeared due to the annoying vertical "rivers of white". In my e-books, right-justification is used in only about a fifth of books.

I think Word used to have an option to split or not to split. I can't afford Word, so I don't know the current situation.