[Clipping] Desired features

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[Clipping] Desired features

Postby chigio » Tue May 18, 2010 10:33 am

Hello, I've wanted to work on a such a tool for a long time, but never manged to find enough spare time.

I'm using EverNote to keep most of my notes, and it does have some great features, but it's a bit of an overkill for many things, I don't like the direction is going (ads, remote notebooks on their servers, ...), and it misses some of the things I need.

I would love to see an easy integration of these tools with some content repository (e.g. subversion. either built-in or using some external provider), to be super sure that my notes are not lost and that I can track what changed when.

I would love to see some integration with GTD concepts (Getting Things Done). Some way to manage a tag workflow (todo => working => done, waiting on somebody), with proper history and timestamps in order to track the time spent.

Some hierarchical tags (e.g. work, work/projectA, work/projectB) to be able to see all the "work" done last week.

And I would love to use this as a learning tool, writing down the words in the foreign languages I'm learning, and use them as flash cards.

I understand these are all very specific and over-the-top features that might not be requested by many people, so I suspect that one day I will have to write my tool anyways.

In the meantime maybe you can create a shortcut to close the window (I find Esc to be useful and common), Alt-F4 does not work now.

Thanks for your good work.
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Re: Desired features

Postby CintaNotes Developer » Wed May 19, 2010 12:23 pm

Hello chigio,

thanks for the excellent suggestions. Many of them are already in plans. Especially hierarchical tags and tag workflow seem very promising,
but they need to be carefully thought out, in order not to bloat the software.

Versioning support and flash cards doesn't seem to be organic notekeeping features to me, so for now I don't think they will be implemented.
BTW with the help of DropBox you can get versioning right now if you really want it.

As for the hide window shortcut, the "show window" hot key also hides the window.

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