inconsistent behaviour of F3 search

Thomas Lohrum
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inconsistent behaviour of F3 search

Postby Thomas Lohrum » Tue Feb 14, 2012 9:49 pm

Do a simple search, e.g. "service" and activate a note using arrow+down. Now press F3, which will highlight and jump to the next found position inside the text. This is true for F3 in the searchlist and the note editor.

Now focus the searchbox using Ctrl+F and search for a second term, e.g. "service windows". It will find and highlight all matches of "service" or "windows" in the searchlist. Now open the note editor. The focus is set to the last match of the searchlist. Now click F3 again. It will rotate only for the last hit focused in the searchlist. That is either "service" or "windows" only. That is a disadvantage. The searchlist is more powerful for it rotates all possible search terms. The workaround is to go back to the searchlist. Move to the "other" search word and open the note again.

One might claim this is as designed. To me it appeared as a bug though for a simple reason. I usually open the note and use F3 inside the note editor. However the note editor appeared to search for the wrong word. Of course it did it's job as described, but i did not understand the behaviour. So i tried to reverse my search phrase, but got it by the same problem. It took a while and some tests to understand what went really wrong.

Version tested 1.5.6 pre1


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