Re-categoried notes refusing to carry over

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Re-categoried notes refusing to carry over

Postby paginaflight » Thu Jul 04, 2013 2:08 am

So you've got the ALL and MAIN categories, and I added one of my own. Let's call it VERSE.

Looking at various notes under VERSE, I do a search for a common tag that pulls up a number of notes.
Now I edit each one of these notes and aim for the drop-down menu due LEFT of the OK button. It lets me move it from MAIN to VERSE.

Once I finished doing that with a handful of notes, I'm on the main CintaNotes screen (CTRL+A) and the headings are also there splashed across the top of the page.

BUG: Clicking on VERSE, to my surprise only one items was present, and it was one that I put there deliberately in an earlier session by ADDING it.

So there's the problem, that the re-categorization did not carry over. Now when I go to the ALL category, I see my notes each there, claiming to be categorized correctly.

SUMMARY: It appears that there is no continuity to the categorization scheme except with ALL.

I wonder whether the categories were there as arbitrary search panes or as hosting all the notes filed under the category. At this point it seems confusing.

I'm using the unregistered version 2.2 at the moment.
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Re: Re-categoried notes refusing to carry over

Postby CintaNotes Developer » Thu Jul 04, 2013 3:53 am

Hi paginaflight,

I don't quite get something - since notes were already in the VERSE section ("Looking at various notes under VERSE"),
how could you move them from MAIN ("It lets me move it from MAIN to VERSE") ?

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