CintaNotes 2.5 getting stuck synchronising

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CintaNotes 2.5 getting stuck synchronising

Postby mcolantoni » Sun Dec 29, 2013 5:49 am

What OS?
Win7, win xp, win7-64

What version of CintaNotes?
2.5 Pro

What window/pane has Focus?
Startup view

The problem, which is occurring on all my machines, is that v2.5 tries to synchronise and starts to work through the list of notes to download but it gets stuck and will not go any further. It stays like that forever, and it will not let me quit it. It stays alive in the tray and uses about 90 percent of my CPU. I have to force terminate it.

I did not have this problem with v2.4 Pro.

The problem occurs whether I use the installed or the portable version.

Michael Colantoni

PS. I reinstalled v2.4 and it synchronised fine.
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Re: CintaNotes 2.5 getting stuck synchronising

Postby CintaNotes Developer » Mon Dec 30, 2013 11:50 am

Hi Michael,

this is a very serious problem, thank you very much for reporting it.

However it seems that we are not able to reproduce the problem - perhaps
it only manifests on certain kind of data.

Could you please run the 2.5 again,turn the debug logging on (in Help/Debug),
and synchronize?
This will produce the file named "log.1.txt" (either in CN folder, or in %APPDATA%\CintaNotes),
which may contain some of your personal data (but no passwords of course),
so you should check it first, and then please send it to us to

Hope this is not too much to ask, this will make the problem evident and we'll be able to fix it quickly.
Thank you very much in advance!

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