changing single tag case

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changing single tag case

Postby aule » Sun Jan 05, 2014 2:52 pm

when a note has a single tag, neither a note edit nor the F4 key will succeed in changing the CASE of that tag if there is a note with that same single tag in the other typographic case (uppercase or lowercase.)

I discovered this quirk in CintaNotes 2.5 PRO on XP when I noticed that I had entered CPU but the note displayed "cpu" as the tag after my edit was done.

I tracked this to having entered "cpu" as the single tag of another note in the same section.

The work-around was to change both to single tag "computer" and then to change each to my intended upper-case tag of CPU

Entering both CPU above and cpu below on the F4 pane did not work, nor did entering CPU only in the top entryfield.

Hope I have not missed something obvious. ;)

I have adopted CintaNotes because it allows Japanese kanji in titles and tags (with suitable font as Windows default) but cap's do matter as I use ON-kun and kun-ON and ON-ON for jukugo compound-kanji word tagging as colour is not available or BOLD to distinguish SOUND readings from native nippon readings of kanji when combined in a single expression.

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