system tray

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system tray

Postby gunars » Sat Feb 01, 2014 9:10 am

I'm not sure whether to call this a feature request or a bug. It's more of a small behavior modification.

I'd like the CN icon in the system tray to display/hide the main window the same way that the Show Main WIndow global hotkey does.

The global hotkey always causes the main window to appear if it is not currently visible.

On the other hand, if the main CN window is not visible, sometimes it takes one click on the tray icon to make it visible, but sometimes it takes two. I find that a bit annoying. The tray icon keeps track of whether the main window is raised or not. If it is raised, the first click will lower it and the second click will raise it again. The problem comes up in the following situation: with the main CN window raised, open a different window such as Firefox over it. CN is not visible, but it is considered to be raised. So, the first click will lower it behind the browser window and only the second click will display it again.

I much prefer the way the global hotkey does it, but it's not a big deal if it's not a simple change.

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Re: system tray

Postby CintaNotes Developer » Mon Feb 03, 2014 11:14 am

Hi gunars,

thanks for your message.
Well seems it should be a trivial change, and I agree that it would be more convenient this way.
I've scheduled it for 2.5.1.

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