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renaming hierarchical tags

Posted: Thu Sep 17, 2015 6:27 pm
by Thomas Lohrum

* create a note with tag "Product1"
* create a note with tag "Product2"
* rename tag Product1 to "Products\Product1"
* rename tag Product2 to "Products\Product2"

The result will be two tags:


I had expected the following though:


Imo this is a bug, as i was not able to achieve the desired result by any other tag action.


Re: renaming hierarchical tags

Posted: Fri Sep 18, 2015 9:24 am
by CintaNotes Developer
Sorry Thomas, can't reproduce this here.
Please check that a PRO license key is registered - this can happen if CN is in Free license mode,
when hierarchical tags are not grouped into a tree.

Re: renaming hierarchical tags

Posted: Sun Sep 20, 2015 7:53 pm
by Thomas Lohrum
I have installed CN on two machines each with a unique Lifetime PRO licence.

Something else must be the cause for this.


[EDIT]Did you test this using my settings?

Re: renaming hierarchical tags

Posted: Mon Sep 21, 2015 11:20 am
by CintaNotes Developer
Yes, I used your settings.
I now noticed that there's a problem with the use count for the "Products" tag.
But this is not the problem you were reporting, is it? (although this is also a bug and we'll be fixing it).
I'm afraid you'll have to tell me exactly how you created notes, added tags and renamed them.

I did it this way:
1) Took the latest build I sent to you (2_9_4_Beta1_Build11_TL from Sep 10th).
2) Created notes using the Ins key, written something in as title and then put "Product1" (or "Product2") to the "Tags" field
3) After that I had two notes, two tags, and use count for each tag was 1.
4) Then I renamed "Product1" to "Products/Product1" using right-clicking in the tag sidebar, then "Rename" command.
This created Products/Product1 tree, both with count of 1.
5) Then I renamed "Product2" to "Products/Product2"
6) I had the tree with "Products" as the root and "P1" and "P2" as children. But only thing wrong was the use count of "Products" tag
- it still was 1.

Re: renaming hierarchical tags

Posted: Thu Sep 24, 2015 11:58 am
by CintaNotes Developer

Thanks for the log! Now I can see what is the problem: you've used
backslash (\) instead of the forward slash in the tag name ;)

Backslashes, unlike forward slashes, have no special meaning in CN
and this is why you're not getting a tree.