How to import an Evernote note?

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How to import an Evernote note?

Postby OldGrantonian » Wed May 16, 2018 10:40 am

I have Cintanotes 3.11, with Win 10 Pro.

I might transfer my notes from Evernote to CintaNotes.

As a test, I exported one Evernote note as an "ENEX" file, which Evernote says is an XML file.

I changed the extension from ENEX to XML, and tried to import to CintaNotes using File > Import

I got the error "Notebook node not found"

If I double-click on the XML file, it opens in Chrome with no error messages. I'm not a techie, but I think Chrome would complain if there were some error in the file. (I experimented by omitting the final ">" and it complained.)

What action should I take?

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Re: How to import an Evernote note?

Postby CintaNotes Developer » Thu May 17, 2018 3:32 am

Unfortunately, you can't simply rename ENEX files to XML and import them into CintaNotes.
XML is a very generic format, and CintaNotes imposes its own structure on it for it to be importable.
This means that CN can only import XMLs that are like those generated by CintaNotes.

What you can do:
1) Copy data by hand from Evernote, using copy-paste, or
2) [advanced, if you have some programming/scripting skills, or have an XSLT tool] code a script for converting ENEX files to CintaNotes XML.

Sorry but there are no better options right now, in the future we plan to add ENEX import function, but only after CintaNotes 4 release.

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