Control key sticking on, i.e. down (intermittent)

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Control key sticking on, i.e. down (intermittent)

Postby lettersquash » Fri Dec 07, 2018 4:01 pm

Control key seems to be left in the down condition sometimes on clipping (v 3.12 basic).

This seems to be an intermittent issue and I'm posting in case anyone has any ideas (or if sending a log might help), as I haven't been able to figure out what conditions cause it. When it happens, I forget what precise steps I took, unfortunately. I'll give as much info as possible, and add any at a later date if I get more insight on it.

Usually I'm clipping, and usually from Firefox 63.0.3 (32 bit).
System is Win 7 Home Premium 64 bit.
Default clipping hotkey, Ctrl-F12.

Sometimes it seems the Ctrl key is left in the down condition immediately in the editor window, so that, for instance, typing a CR at the end of a line, the editor closes. Sometimes I don't notice until I'm reviewing an item in the main list (having wondered why my note closed, perhaps) and I get the invitation to upgrade when I double-click on a note. This is how I discovered it - that clicking on notes begins selecting a collection of them. Perhaps the paid version allows you to open several, so my double-clicking on a different note has selected two and then tried opening both, just a thought.
Pressing Ctrl key on its own and releasing fixes the problem.

Amazing program, thanks so much!

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