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Disappearing Note when Moving

Posted: Tue Feb 24, 2015 3:53 pm
by Rich71
All of sudden I'm having some strange serious issues.

I created a new section named VMware.
Created a new note with no link - This is the first note for the new section VMware. (Created from the Edit Menu, New Note)
In the body of the note, I copied a couple of links with pasted info for each one. (I wanted all this info on one page)
I then moved an existing VMware related note to the new section, VMware and it disappeared completely.

Fortunately, I had backed up the DB before this.
Restored the DB and moved the same note again, and again the note disappeared.
Restored the DB again and did the following.

Renamed the section VMware to VMware2
Created a new section VMware
Moved the same existing note that disappeared above and it moved as expected to VMware.

It gets stranger with the following
Opening the moved note in the section VMware, the section selector at the bottom of the screen is showing VMware2, not VMware.
I then went to the section VMware2 with the new note that did not have a link and all links and data I had entered is completely gone. Just an empty note.
This same new note also shows mouse as the tag but I never entered a tag for that note at all.

I have never had any issues until this started today. It seems like when I created the new note without a link, to a new section, possibly as the first note started this. I'm speculating of why this happened.

I'm going to post this and run some new tests to see if I can duplicate the issue with different sections names and create a new note without a link and see if the same thing happens again.

The system is based on
Windows 7, SP1, x64
CintaNotes 2.8.5 Portable version
I also included a screen shot of the new note that I think caused this. The links and data is different but shows how the original data was formatted.

If you need any other info, please let me know. I will add more info when the testing is complete.


Re: Disappearing Note when Moving

Posted: Tue Feb 24, 2015 6:04 pm
by Rich71
In trying to duplicate the issue, I created a new DB and added some sections and added notes from IE with no issues.
Created a new section and added the same type of note added in the first post and the image attached above.
Moved some notes around.
I could not duplicate the issues.

In the original DB, I did a lot of backups to make sure I didn't lose anything.
I had two notes in the VMware section that I tried to move to the Main section.
One moved and one disappeared.
Restored the DB and exported the two notes to XML.
Deleted the sections VMware and VMware2 and exited CintaNotes.
Restarted Cintanotes.
Created a new VMware section and imported the two notes from XML file successfully.
Moved some additional notes to the new VMware section with no issues this time.

I'm assuming that the original DB got corrupted some how.

I have now turned on the Debug Logging feature in case I have additional issues later and have something to hopefully pinpoint the issue, should they return.

Is there any utility planned to test the integrity of the DB?

Let me know if you have any questions or comments on the above.


Re: Disappearing Note when Moving

Posted: Thu Feb 26, 2015 5:28 pm
by CintaNotes Developer
Hi Rich71,

Thanks a lot for your detailed reports!

I think that your conclusion is correct and your DB indeed got corrupted.
This can happen due to variety of reasons. Did you suffer a system crash while
CintaNotes was running? Was CintaNotes database on a USB drive which got unplugged unsafely?
Is the database in Dropbox-synced folder?

To fix the corruption, here's what to do:
1) Exit CintaNotes
2) Rename your old database (e.g. to cintanotes0.db)
3) Start CintaNotes, it will create a new blank database
4) Import from your old (renamed) database using File/Import
5) (Optional) Delete the duplicate main section
6) Recreate your search- and sort-options

Please also refer to this page for tips how to fix it, in case the steps above don't help:

Is there any utility planned to test the integrity of the DB?

CintaNotes does have built-in integrity check, but it is deactivated by default because it is quite heavy on performance (happens on each opening of a database file). To turn it on, set "debug.dbintegritycheck" to 1 in the cintanotes.settings file.

Please let me know if this helps, and especially if the original error comes back.
Thanks for your help and patience!

Re: Disappearing Note when Moving

Posted: Sun Mar 01, 2015 5:19 pm
by Rich71

Thanks for getting back with me. Sorry, I hadn't checked back for a reply earlier. I got tied up on other projects.

At the time of the issue, I had no system crash or any hiccups at all. All I did was create a VMware section and added a note without a link. As I reported, after removing the two VMware sections, VMware and VMware2, and re-adding the VMware section, I have had no more issues. I have been watching it closely. So far so good, but for peace of mind, I may try the (6) items you suggested. I will have a backup to go, if needed.

I had looked at the configuration file, after I posted the issue, and noticed the "debug.dbintegritycheck" was set to 0, so I assumed it was off.

I will let you know if the issue comes back but just that one day, is the only issues that I have had. Knock on wood. I hope Murphy stays away. :D

Thanks again,

Re: Disappearing Note when Moving

Posted: Mon Mar 02, 2015 12:20 pm
by CintaNotes Developer
Thanks for your answers! Ok, then all we can do is wait and see.
Please let me know if the same issue reappears (hope it won't).