Version 2.9


  • Notebook encryption and password protection: New menu item «File/Password protection».
  • Option to lock notebook and minimize to tray after timeout
  • Option to autolock notebook after minimizing to tray


  • Import dialog: add «Allow duplicates» checkbox
  • Editor: ability to hide inline labels («editor.inlinehints.enabled» in cintanotes.settings)
  • Editor: F5 to insert current date (insert timestamp shortcut changed to Ctrl+F5)
  • Editor: links now support running programs with command line parameters
  • Editor: automatically URL-encode links and add http:// to links without protocol
  • Add DB locking mode setting to the settings file («sqlite.pragma.locking_mode»), and change default locking mode to «EXCLUSIVE»
  • XML Export: drop support of exporting to old XML format
  • Indicate in File menu when password protection or synchronization are active for the current notebook


  • NoteProperties: Error in seconds when editing dates in notes
  • Licensing: replacing existing license by clipped license data didn’t work correctly
  • Find and replace: the hint «find reached the starting point of the search» didn’t auto-hide
  • Editor: wrong behavior when pressing Del on the empty last line of a bullet list
  • Editor: Link field could grow too large
  • Moving notes to other sections via Shift+F6 didn’t update modified date
  • Fix links watchdog false signal
  • Fix wrong tag autocomplete positioning when taskbar is on the right side
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