Does CintaNotes support Unicode?

Yes, CintaNotes is fully Unicode-compliant and actually stores all text data in Unicode. But you have to make sure that the fonts used to display notes include the needed character sets. With the default fonts there is usually no problem.

Will there be a version of CintaNotes with UI in my native language?

CintaNotes already supports a large number of languages, you can see the whole list of them in the Options / Language menu. If your language is not in the list, please read the Configuring CintaNotes / Selecting UI Language section on what you can do in this situation.

How do I select multiple notes?

Use Ctrl+click, or Shift-Up/Down key combinations. Also if you navigate the list while holding the Ctrl key, you can toggle the selection on the current note with the spacebar.

How can I change the text-capturing hotkey from default Ctrl+F12 to something else?

Use the Options / Hot Keys command.

How can I change the search mode in the search box without using the mouse?

Press Ctrl+F and then Alt+Down to display the menu (or you can press Ctrl+Up/Down/PageUp/PageDown to switch search modes one-by-one).

What programming language is CintaNotes written in?

CintaNotes is written in Visual C++ and builds on top of pure Window API calls. No libraries like .NET or MFC are used, this is what enables CintaNotes to take full control of resource usage and remain fast, lean, and self-contained.

What does “Cinta” mean?

In Spanish, “la cinta” means “band” (or “tape”). In a sense, this is similar to the way CintaNotes represents notes: as a list. And, well, we just thought it would be a nice name ;-)

Is there a Linux or Mac version?

Unfortunately no. CintaNotes relies heavily on Windows API, so porting it to other platforms seems unfeasible at the moment.

How can I report a bug?

If you’re encountering problems with CintaNotes please go to http://cintanotes.com and make sure that you’re running the latest version of CintaNotes. If the problem is with the latest version, please report it on our Bug Reports forum. We strive to deliver high-quality software and keep CintaNotes as bug-free as possible, so we and all other CintaNotes users will greatly appreciate your contribution.