CintaNotes 3.2.1 Released!


  • Rules: add “has children of” and “has parents of” operators to Tags field
  • Rules: add “comes before” and “comes after” operators for text fields


  • Editor: fixed error when deleting note using Ctrl+Del
  • “Open in editor” should be disabled when silent clipping mode is on
  • Rules: fix “for all notes” rule condition not working
  • Rules: fix TAB, ESC don’t work in note editor when rule editor is open
  • Rules: “Remove tag” action should also remove child tags of specified tag
  • HTML export: printing note text only produces gray borders that gets wider
  • Fix possible error upon program restart
  • Notes list: Tag capitalization had effect on ordering in preview
  • Notes list: tags are incorrectly shortened with ellipsis
  • Tag sidebar: untagged count display was not always correct
  • Editor: Wrong control positions after modified date is displayed
  • Alt +F didn’t always activate File menu
  • Section limit in free version didn’t consider section names
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