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Autotagging Rules

Autotagging rules are a very powerful feature, that allows you to automatically organize your notes based on your preferences. Learn how to use rules in this quick tutorial.

Quick Start Guide: Collecting Notes [Part 1/3]

CintaNotes provides several features for quick and productive note-taking. You can create notes manually or collect them from anywhere on the web with a mere keyboard shortcut.

Quick Start Guide: Organizing Notes [Part 2/3]

CintaNotes is a great tool for organizing information. In this video we’ll be looking at the basics of using notebooks, sections, and tags, that will help you keep your notes neat.

Quick Start Guide: Securing Notes [Part 3/3]

CintaNotes is a very secure app, which stores your notes only on your PC and allows you to password-protect whole notebooks. Let’s have a look at how you do it.

CintaNotes Promo

CintaNotes is a small and easy-to-use application for taking and organizing notes. It is designed to be your indispensable assistant in the daily task of collecting numerous pieces of information. Learn how you can benefit from using it in this video

File Attachments

The main point is simple: now you can attach files to notes, and even sync them between your computers.
The files are stored in the compressed form in the notebook itself. Make sure you check this video out to learn how it works.