CintaNotes 3.1.2 Released!


  • Focus top note during the search
  • Simplenote sync: don’t run sync on startup if last sync was recent enough
  • Editor: improve Esc key handling Esc now cancels by default. Old behavior still available via the new “Options/Editor/Auto Save Changes on Esc” option


  • Export and Print: Field lists need to hide the “&” sign
  • Editor: wrong double-click word selection behavior
  • Incorrect error message when trying to open a corrupted notebook
  • Controls were being cut off at 120 DPI
  • Error when creating a notebook while an attachment is opened for editing
  • Possible PasswordEnterCancelledException on OS restart
  • Duplicate parent tag can be created when creating child tag directly from editor
  • Search in attachments for “-.” was not working
  • Export, Print: increased height of field lists to eliminate need to scroll
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