CintaNotes 3.2 Released!


  • Autotagging Rules: Automatic assignment of tags and sections to notes. See “File / Rules” menu item


  • File attachments: add ability to save to disk multiple attachments at once
  • Editor: add advanced option to copy text without formats (“editor.copyplaintextonly” in cintanotes.settings)


  • PasswordEnterCancelledException after canceling adding note
  • Simplenote sync: synchronization no longer resets note selection
  • Editor: std::out_of_range raised on save
  • Notes list: RTL numbered lists were rendered incorrectly
  • Simplenote sync: failure to sync from behind a proxy
  • Large DPI sizing problems
  • Tag drag and drop highlighting problems
  • Tag drag and drop: didn’t always correctly process mouse leaving
  • Fixed HotKeyEditor Ctrl + Alt bug
  • Import from a password-protected older format notebook required entering password twice
  • Deleting section didn’t also delete autodeletable tags
  • Replacing and renaming tags was extremely slow on large number of tags and notes
  • Negative search didn’t work correctly with “anywhere” or “attachments” fields
  • HTML export: wrong rendering of RTL text
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