5 Hidden Features for Better Productivity


Today I’d like to show you that CintaNotes has some powerful features under the hood which you probably didn’t even know existed. Also I’ll show you some creative ways of using the already familiar features. If you’d like to become even more productive with CN, read on!

Quickly add and remove tags

To add a tag to a note, you don’t have to open it and type the tag into the “Tags” field. Simply select the note and middle-click on this tag on the Tag Sidebar, and the tag will be added.

And if the note already has this tag, middle-clicking will remove it instead of adding. This also works when multiple notes are selected: if some of the notes have the tag, but some don’t, middle-clicking will first add the tag to all notes. Only when all notes have the tag, middle-clicking on it will remove it.

Quickly assign section as inbox

To remind, the inbox section is the section which receives clipped notes. If no section is assigned as inbox, clipped notes go to the currently active section.

So, to quickly mark a section as inbox, simply middle click on the section tab. A down-arrow icon will appear to left of the section name, indicating that this section is designated as inbox now. To remove the inbox status, middle-click on the section tab again .

Pin notes for easier scrolling

You don’t have to open note editor to read long notes. While you hold the spacebar key, all navigation commands – mouse wheel scrolling, arrow keys, Home, End, PgUp and PgDown keys operate on the text of the focused note instead of the note list. Try it out – pick a long note, press and hold the spacebar, and, for example, scroll the mouse wheel.

Export notes to PDF (PRO only)

This one is more of a lifehack than a hidden feature, but can be quite useful nevertheless. Although CintaNotes doesn’t have a direct Export to PDF function, you can use the regular Print function and a special “Save as PDF” printer. Note that older Windows versions might not have this printer, in this case, you can use doPDF or similar software.

Use quick text templates (PRO only)

Of course there’re special programs for quick text templates, but why install something extra when CintaNotes also can do it? Simply press Ctrl+Enter on a note, and its text will be inserted into the window that was active immediately before CintaNotes was activated.

The most convenient way to use it is with the “Show main window” hot key. Press Ctrl+Alt+F12 (or your custom) hot key to activate CN, find the note with the text template, press Ctrl+Enter, done!

Hope that you’ll find the tips above useful, and maybe they will help you find even more creative ways of using CN!

In one of the upcoming blog posts we’ll examine 5 more hidden features of the program, so stay tuned and take notes!

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