New CintaNotes Version: 3.1.3

Hope you enjoyed the last issue that described five more hidden features of CN. While autotagging is still in the works (and sorry for postponing the artcile about it, it’s hard to get such an important feature right from the first attempt!), this is to annouce a new minor release of CintaNotes, which, nonetheless, has some interesting improvements.

Drag-and-Drop Support for Tags in the Tag Sidebar

Now rearranging the hierarchy of tags has become easier than ever! If you want to make tag B child of tag A, just drag-and-drop tag B on tag A with the mouse. Also you can drop tags in-between any other two tags to place it at the same level as they are. This also works for pulling tags up to the top level.

Option to Use Tab Instead of Ctrl+Tab to Insert a TAB Character

Some people found it inconvenient to use Ctrl+Tab to insert a single Tab character. Well, now there’s an alternative – see the see “Options/Editor/Tab Character” menu. When you activate this option, then you’ll need to use Ctrl+Tab to navigate out of the note text editor control, and vice versa.

Other changes

  • Clipping: improved rate of providing backlinks to source documents into the “Link” field. Works best when documents are opened with double-click (thus the path to the document can be found in the application command line).
  • Links to files embedded in note text were not copied properly if target path contained non-ASCII characters.
  • Many other fixes (see release notes).

Download CintaNotes 3.1.3 now!

CintaNotes 3.1.3 portable.

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