Introducing Discounts for Upgrading to Lifetime after Renewing

If you remember, in the user survey that we held in August, one of the participants pointed out a problem with our pricing policy: regardless of how many times you renew the updates subscription, the price of upgrading to the Lifetime license remains the same.

We promised to do something about this, and we have.

Now when you upgrade to the Lifetime license, our billing system will automatically apply a discount based on the number of times you had renewed your PRO license in the past, using the following formula:

No. of Renewals Discount Upgrade Price You Save
0 n/a $79.99 n/a
1 20% $63.99 $16.00
2 40% $47.99 $32.00
3+ 60% $31.99 $48.00

Note that the discount will be applied automatically and you’ll be able to see it right away on the order page.

So, if you renewed in the past and are considering upgrading to Lifetime, you can take advantage of the automatic discounts right away (just be sure to use the same email address so that the system recognizes you).

Huge thanks once again to the user who raised this issue, and in general to everyone who took part in the survey.

Of course this is not the only part of the feedback which we took onboard and are acting on. File attachments, which were reported as sorely missing, have become part of the recent major release, and other important features and improvements are in the works, which you’ll soon hear about in this newsletter.

And by the way, we have started to publish quick tips about CN usage in our official twitter account @CintaNotes. Would greatly appreciate you subscribing and retweeting.

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