CintaNotes 3.1.1 Released!


  • Added settings option “selection.followedited” to control whether focus should follow the edited note (enabled by default)
  • Added settings option “tags.hierarchy.backslashes” which determines if tag input fields should automatically convert backslashes to forward slashes.
  • Improved display of note preview when note has remarks but no text
  • Editor: only suggest tags from edited note’s section in context-sensitive tag suggestions


  • Fixed one remaining possible reason for crashes upon pasting rich text into note editor
  • Main windows position was not saved when exiting the program using tray menu
  • Regression: tags autocomplete popup cut off text
  • Editor: undo of some formatting changes didn’t work
  • Search by tag text didn’t properly implement whole word search (i.e. when “search inside words” was turned off)
  • Main window was needlessly activated after using “Add new note” hotkey
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