CintaNotes 3.10 Released!


  • (PRO) Wildcard-based search: Added “Use * and ? wildcards” option to the search box menu
  • (PRO) Wildcards support in Rules
  • Wildcards support in Find/Replace dialog in editor


  • Duplicate title elimination on clipping If the first non-empty line of the note is also present in the title, it is removed.
  • Added Options/Window menu entries to control window docking
  • Added “app.mainframe.minimizeonctrlenter” cintanotes.settings option to control minimizing after Ctrl+Enter


  • Regression: clipping from IE or CHM files inserts raw HTML
  • Regression: clipping from recent versions of Firefox could insert raw HTML
  • Fixed “Previous application instance failed to terminate” error message appearing when restarting one of simultaneusly running CN instances
  • Fixed crash when copying note link directly after registring license key
  • Main window no longer activated after closing editor opened from an LNK file
  • Simplenote sync: sync couldn’t finish if note had damaged footer
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