CintaNotes 3.6 Released!


  • Parse HTML for links and basic formatting upon clipping
  • New Options/Clipping/Formatting submenu
  • Support pasting of HTML into notes list and note editor


  • Note links: open another notebook’s note if it exists in opened notebook
  • Make scrollbars clickable when window is maximized and mouse is at the rightmost edge


  • Export: XML not created when previous directory is removed
  • Note links: keyboard shortcuts didn’t work in Russian
  • HTML export: regression – no spacing between paragraphs
  • Editor: tab indents not lining up correctly
  • Drag and drop: block keyboard while drag
  • Editor: unwanted keyboard layout change upon paste
  • Notes list: weird selection behavior when selection.followedited = 0
  • About dialog: missing licensee info
  • Simplenote sync: sync could fail because of certificate security error
  • Clipping was not always working in IE9+
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