CintaNotes 3.8 Released!


  • Autosave currently edited note Completely transparent to the user: in case of crash or power failure, edited note will be reopened after startup.
  • Editor: Added “Paste as plain text” command to context menu with Ctrl+Alt+V shortcut
  • Added option to auto minimize on losing focus to the Options menu

    Use Options/Window/Minimize on losing focus submenu to configure timeout.


  • Notes list: more prominent display of selected tags in note previews
  • Retain tag filter when hiding tag sidebar
  • Double the length limit for names of note links
  • “Window/Close to tray” option is now active by default
  • “Window/Minimize to tray” option is now not active by default
  • Added “–close” (“-c”) command line option to close all app instances from batch files


  • Updates subscription ending notification couldn’t be hidden
  • Editor: fixed extremely slow opening of some notes
  • Editor: entering uppercase accented letters was not possible in some locales

    Added “editor.shortcuts.rightalt.enabled” option to regulate this.

  • Remembered password shouldn’t be requested upon clipping
  • Recycle bin: zlib decompress error upon opening
  • Rules: rule windows underneath main window when main window is “always on top”
  • Don’t focus main window after closing editor if main window wasn’t active when this editor was created
  • Editor: Pasting from Outlook inserted “&nbsp”‘s
  • Print and HTML export: line breaks in wrong places
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