Version 2.4


  • Enhanced hyperlink support in notes

    Now it is possible to turn any text into a hyperlink targeting either an arbitrary URL, a file, or another note.
  • Note properties: display character and word counts


  • Editor: change title from “Edit ‘Smth'” to “Smth (Edit)”
  • Simplenote sync: prevention of duplicates when syncing an exported notebook


  • Simplenote sync: notes containing %25 synced with errors
  • Recycle bin: note with paraformats can’t be opened
  • Esc key handling: immediate minimize and non-multistep reset fail when search box has focus
  • Editor: When no text is selected, text formatting shortcuts now toggle formatting for current word only and not whole paragraph
  • Editor: Fixed a numbered list formatting error
  • Editor: Fixed indents being reset on applying list format
  • HTML export: links without protocol prefix didn’t work
  • CN could crash on changing notebooks via File menu
  • In some cases a “License Expired” message could be shown on valid license.
  • Tags not assigned to any note were not imported.
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