Version 2.5.1


  • Added F2 as a shortcut for “Edit” command.
  • Improved tray icon click behavior
  • Bring CN window to foreground if CN window is obscured by other windows.
  • Editor: edit link immediately on Alt+L.


  • Editor: Alt+NumPad character input not working properly.
  • Editor: exception when undoing bullet list edit.
  • Editor: random character at end of text.
  • Simplenote sync: CN could hang on exit
  • Simplenote sync: sync could hang.
  • Simplenote sync: CN used to reset SN’s Markdown flag.
  • Tag autocomplete could appear partly off-screen.
  • Edit window creeped to the right when taskbar was on left.
  • Backup didn’t start on time.
  • CN could hang on startup while fixing DB integrity errors.
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