Version 2.5


  • “Remarks” field
    Notes now have a new field “Remarks”, intended to collect additional data on what is written in the main note body (which quite often is clipped from somewhere)
  • Note export: ability to choose which fields should be exported


  • XML import now supports XML files with UTF-8 encoding
  • Upgraded internal DB engine to SQLite 3.8.1
  • Notes list: Clickable link icons in note preview
  • Notes list: Improved display of long hierarchical tags Now only the last part of the tag name is displayed by default, the full name is displayed in a tooltip when you hover the mouse over the tag.
  • Tag deletion: provide option to also delete notes with selected tags
  • New option in internet connection setting: “Use system proxy settings”
  • Notes list: always scroll to the top of the list on new search.
  • Added option to clear filters on starting new search: “filters.reset.onnewsearch.enabled”.
  • Option to turn off many confirmation messages, implemented as “Don’t ask again” checkboxes.
  • Added shortcuts to “File” menu commands: New (Ctrl+E), Open (Ctrl+O), Save As (Ctrl+S), Close (Ctrl+W).


  • Crash on linking notes
  • Crash on trying to edit a certain note
  • Intranet URLs were not recognized
  • Program failed to respond to rapid mousewheel events
  • Simplenote sync: constant “not completed, try later” when moving remote note to recycle bin
  • Simplenote sync: deleted synced section appeared again after sync
  • Simplenote sync: synchronization could constantly fail
  • Sorting order could be lost for main section
  • Text and paragraph formats could get corrupted on merging notes
  • Unable to import XML with more than 3 sections even when “Import sections” was unchecked
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