Version 2.6.1


  • Make search string always shared between sections
  • Double click to select all sections
  • Middle click to change inbox section
  • Pasted notes now go into their original section if it is currently active
  • Search string like “-tag” now works for negating tags from the search box


  • Import error on non-lowercase file extension
  • Editor: Crash after selecting all text and trying to “Find previous”
  • Editor: Single lines were copied with bullet markers
  • Editor: Numbered lists were copied to notepad with wrong counting
  • Editor: Ctrl+C in Link field was not always working
  • Editor: Empty line added via Shift+Enter doesn’t end bulleted and numbered lists
  • Delete note confirmation message dialog could get extremely wide
  • Tag list filter setting was reset on notebook switching
  • (Regression) Search: Negated words in search were not working
  • Notes list: Multiple Ctrl+BkSp lead to a crash
  • Fixed possible crash on start when default notebook needs to be upgraded
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