Version 2.6


  • Editor: Search and replace inside of note edit dialog
  • Notes list: double click in empty area to add new note


  • Export: provide default filename
  • Export: reduce UI clutter, remove unnecessary groupboxes
  • Editor: add “Properties…” to context menu
  • Focused note and note selection for each section are now remembered on program restart
  • Option to hide “All” button on section bar, with it being hidden by default
  • Tag sidebar: tag list filtering settings are now remembered on restart
  • License dialog: Replace “Buy” button with “Renew” when license is present
  • Notes list: Make selected and unselected notes more distinguishable
  • Notes list: Try to keep scroll position and focused note on tag filter change


  • Simplenote sync: search filter is reset after sync (regression)
  • Editor: don’t apply list markers to empty lines
  • Editor: shortened URLs not entirely visible in the Link field
  • Recycle Bin: crash after mouse click when list is empty
  • Editor: “mailto:” links diplayed incorrectly
  • Buttons remain hover-highlighted even after mouse leave
  • Section-related error when clipping with “display in editor” turned on
  • “Replace tags” command changes current tag selection
  • Export: Error while exporting to old XML format
  • Simplenote sync: creation date is killed when synced after FlickNote
  • Alt+Shift+C shouldn’t activate menu mnemonics
  • Editor: link formatting becomes corrupted after undoing Shift+Enter
  • Editor: control focus is lost after Alt+Tab
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