Version 2.7.1


  • New option: “Options/Startup/Notify when Activating Existing Instance”
  • Editor: improved pasting into lists New setting “editor.lists.paste.alwaysintoitem” and new command “Paste Into List Item”
  • Simplenote sync: improve syncing down of notes w/o #section tag
  • Anti-feature bloat: removed unnecessary options “Editor/Text Formatting” and “Editor/Auto-Indent”


  • Editor: removing bullet list style didn’t work correctly for multiline paragraphs
  • Editor: entering CJK symbols with Microsoft IME corrupted links
  • Editor/Replace: “Replace All” button worked as simple “Replace” when activated with Enter key
  • Clipping: whitespace trimming could in some cases corrupt newlines
  • Command line interface: Opening notebook didn’t work when path contained quotes, spaces or national symbols
  • Simplenote sync: in some cases sync could’t finish always try to update same notes
  • Message boxes could appear on the wrong screen with a dual screen setup
  • Fixed wrong UI labels when “lang” directory is missing
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