Version 2.7


  • Note printing
  • Right and center paragraph alignment support


  • Add “Always display full tag names” to notes list options
  • Editor: Add shortcuts for applying formatting to current paragraph (Ctrl+Shift+B, Ctrl+Shift+I, etc.)
  • Translatable keyboard shortcuts
  • Added screenshots to help
  • Added “All files” option to File/Open and File/Import
  • Tag sidebar: right click doesn’t change tag selection anymore
  • Editor/Search: focus and select all text in the search box on Ctrl+F


  • Notes list: Strikeout and underlined text problem
  • Crash on pressing Ctrl+F12 in opened note
  • Editor: Ctrl+Bksp in lists eats vertical tab
  • Tag hint window positioning error with multiple screens
  • Editor: lost bullet while copy & pasting of bullet list
  • Editor: pasting text from PuTTy didn’t work for some users
  • License dialog: license delete hint is cut in German UI
  • Dialogs positioning error with multiple screens
  • Note properties dialog: wrong statistics for unsaved notes
  • Tag autocomplete not displayed when searching in “Any text field”
  • Editor: BkSp+Undo+BkSp corrupts links
  • Editor: error when clicking a link to a file with CJK characters in name
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