Version 2.8.6


  • Note properties: add ability to edit seconds
  • Editor: double Ctrl+Home(End) in remarks field should focus note text and go to start(end).


  • Window position not always restored correctly after restart
  • Editor: internal note links can get corrupt
  • Editor: on some computers note links are not copied when pasting notes as RTF
  • Editor: ampersand (&) and apostrophe (‘) are not recognized as part of URL
  • Editor: link editor doesn’t resize after pressing enter
  • Editor: removing list style should convert vertical tabs to CRLFs
  • Editor: link field should be trimmed on exiting the edit mode
  • Editor: Alt+Shift+U(F) produce ding sound
  • Editor: add links watchdog to report link corruption
  • Editor: note title is not right-trimmed on save when editor line trimming is on
  • Search: search string becomes lower case after program restart
  • Simplenote sync: recycle bin issues
  • Simplenote sync: CN resets SN note’s “Pinned to top” status
  • Simplenote sync: crash on downloading note containing special chars
  • Simplenote sync: infinite uploading
  • Error when closing CN while editor with a changed note is open
  • Synchronization dialog: not possible to delete login credentials
  • Synchronization dialog: initial focus missing
  • License: trailing blanks in the “Registration Name and Email” field prevent registration
  • Export: “Selected” is not disabled even if the active section is empty
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