Version 2.8


  • Search history: forward and backward navigation on the search bar
  • Search history menu on right click on back and forward buttons
  • Add option Tags/Autodeleted by default


  • Improved notebook loading and switching performance
  • Improved section switching performance
  • Improved notes list scrolling performance
  • Improved tag renaming, splitting and merging performance
  • Improved import performance
  • Don’t reset filter to keep just edited note visible by default (will affect new installations only)
  • Tag sidebar: tags font is now configurable with “app.mainframe.tagsidebar.font” settings file option
  • Recycle bin: upon restoring notes, create sections if necessary


  • Editor: fixed outstanding stateful text formatting issues
  • Tag sidebar: scrolling should stop when mouse button is released
  • Editor: “Insert Link” command is disabled when selected text is wrapped
  • Editor: vertical tabs are treated as paragraph separators
  • Editor: inconsistent behavior of some text formatting shortcuts
  • Fix possible crash on import
  • Notebook file name in app title turns to lower case
  • Tab scrolling sometimes can freeze
  • Simplenote sync: fix many causes for crashes and hangs
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