Version 2.9.1


  • Automatic file link tracking. Now file links continue to work even after you move file to another folder, or rename them

    Note: This works only within a single disk volume and is implemented via creating Windows shortcuts in the “cache\filelinks” subdirectory. This feature can be turned off by the “editor.links.filelinktracking.enabled” option in cintanotes.settings


  • Fixed crash upon startup with error about SessionNotifier when Terminal Services are disabled
  • Fixed crash after printing a note from the editor and closing it
  • Notes list: wrong search highlight of matches in date/time fields
  • Search doesn’t treat German umlauts as different from same letters without umlauts
  • Notebook encryption: password dialog displayed after notebook reload
  • Simplenote sync: disappearing angle bracket
  • Middle-click tagging reverted when an already opened note is saved
  • Editor: links not recognized after cut and undo
  • Non-white background was treated as highlight
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