Version 2.9.3


  • Notes list: added option to completely hide tags (in “Options/Notes List”)
  • Added “Options/Search/Start New Search on Ctrl+F” option
  • Added “Options/Search/Multi-step reset on Esc” option
  • Store path to the PDF file in the Link field when clipping from Adobe Reader (works only for PDF files opened by double-clicking)


  • Editor: numbered list lost on copy paste when text font is large
  • Editor: crash when trying to delete a note which was deleted from the notes list
  • Search: auto moving window doesn’t work correctly in Win XP and Win 7 with Classic theme
  • Links to PDF files were not extracted when clipping from Adobe Reader 11
  • Editor: pasted text was highlighted if system had non-white background
  • Editor: whole lines could be trimmed on save
  • Fixed possible crash upon program exit
  • Untagged count was not updated after deleting tag using tag’s context menu
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