Version 3.0.1


  • Notes list: Highlight the link icon when search term appears in the Link field
  • Improved performance of notes list painting and scrolling
  • Logging: don’t include user data to log by default

    Added “debug.log.userdata” parameter to cintanotes.settings.


  • Regression: Window-related items in system menu were not working
  • Notes list: wrong search hilites in attachments when file name gets shortened
  • File attachments: scroll file list in note preview to highlight appropriate search result
  • Unnecessary log files were generated
  • Section bar: double clicking on scrolling arrow shouldn’t select all sections
  • Import: tags were not displayed correctly after second import
  • Links with percent sign (%) not recognized correctly
  • Fixed duplicate menu mnemonics
  • Simplenote sync: unable to upload big file (> 40MB)
  • Editor: password was required to display tag suggestions
  • Fixed possible “column num not unqiue” error upon deleting a section
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