Version 3.0


  • File and image attachments in notes.
  • Tracking of attachment viewing and editing: temp files are automatically removed, warning upon opening attachments from encrypted notebooks.
  • Synchronization of attachments (100MB limit)
  • Added used server space indicator to the File/Synchronization window.


  • Editor: links to files in note text didn’t always open
  • Wrong tag counts after batch tagging
  • Simplenote sync: fixed possible creation of note duplicates
  • Wrong tag counts after renaming hierarchical tags
  • Wrong notes list state after deleting the last note having selected tag
  • Notebook encryption: CN prompted for a password on manual note saving
  • Fixed possible crash after waking up from sleep
  • Fixed possible crash when quickly closing the editor after manual save
  • Clipping: note is not tagged with active tags if current section is not inbox
  • Notes list: wrong tab distance rendering
  • Tray icon was not recreated after Explorer restart if CN was started minimized
  • Recycle bin: note preview didn’t render formatting
  • Regression: F3 search in editor didn’t work for multi-term searches
  • Reduce painting flicker on startup
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