Version 3.1


  • Notes list: display remarks preview
  • Options/Notes list: add configuring of remarks preview display
  • Added “Options/Tags/Context-Sensitive Suggestions” option. When active, only tags from currently active sections will be suggested for autocomplete.
  • Notebook encryption: add “Lock when PC is locked” option


  • Editor: improve handling of local cintanotes:// links Now such links are handled by CintaNotes itself, without using the system protocol handler
  • Improve speed of mouse wheel scrolling of tag suggestions
  • Moved help online, what reduced the size of the distribution package by 30%.
  • Localized help is now opened for Russian and German UI languages.


  • Clipping of numbered lists removed first number
  • Ad-hoc “Timer N not in the registry” error
  • Simplenote sync: crash when chosing “Use system proxy” when in fact system was not configured to use a proxy
  • Regression: “Linked note not found” error on normal http links
  • Search: word exclusion with (-) sign didn’t work when attachments field was included in search
  • Fixed random crashes upon pasting rich text into note editor
  • Numbered lists with empty lines are now recognized upon clipping or pasting
  • Note properties: date time picker should use system’s date and time format
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